Inquiry Sent Experience

Time: June 2016 - Oct 2016

Team: 1 Designer (me), 1 Product Manager, Engineers

Skill: User Research, UX/UI Design, Prototyping

Deliverables: Interactive prototype, High Fidelity Mocks, Specifications, Presentation







Inquiry Sent Experience Redesign

The goal of this project is to provide sales people a seamless way to send an inquiry to administrators to solve problem when there is a missing order, a missing transaction or wrong transaction information.



This project is closely related to Dashboard Design. SPH (sales performance home) product is the end user side part of our Commissions Suite product, which contributes 80% of our company total revenue.



Pain Points

We conducted product owner interview and contextual inquiries to understand their experience using the original inquiry sent feature and user pain points.

Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 12.33.58 AM.png



As a sales person, I want to find the missing order, the missing transaction or transaction error information without reading long reports and  send an according inquiry in a seamless way manually inputting a lot of data or contacting the sales ops.  "


design direction

" If system can help automatically populate relevant data and I just need to the correct value..."

We arranged design thinking sessions to listen to the user sessions, analyzed the research data and brainstormed together. I sketched out proposals and we decided on the design direction.




1st Iteration - Data Auto Population

I turned the paper sketch to low fi prototype to get user feedback.

In the low-fi prototype, when users question a number, they can see related transactions and send inquiries directly from there. They can select a transaction and system can help automatically populate relevant data. Users just need to input the correct information, an optional comment.



- Users review transactions information when they question a number. This helps them find the missing transaction and incorrect information.

- It is intuitive to send an inquiry directly from the transaction that contains wrong information.

- A transaction may contain multiple incorrect fields. 



2nd Iteration - Multiple Incorrect Fields

Based on user feedback, I refined the design. In this iteration, I provided three proposals. For each proposal, users can send an inquiry directly from the transaction that contains wrong information. Then system will populate relevant data and users provide a or multiple correct values for administrators to review.



- It is convenient for users to provide correct value for different fields instead of having to choose an inquiry type.

- Users take time to understand the information layout.

2 copy.jpg


- Users like that they can make multiple inquiries without leaving the context. But they need to have flexibility to add/delete a transaction from the inquiry batch.

- The batch inquiry layout makes users wonder whether there is a sequence between different transactions. 

- To provide original value and an input box next to original value makes information easy to understand. 



- It can keep users in the context while making an inquiry.

- It provides the flexibility for users to make another inquiry.

- Users remember orders information in their mind instead of transactions information. They would like to check transactions under an order instead of seeing all transactions. 



Users can click a number in dashboard to see related orders. After reviewing order information, users can drill down to see related transactions. There are three types of inquiries: missing order inquiry, missing transaction inquiry and incorrect  transaction information inquiry. When make an incorrect transaction information, system can help populate relevant data and users only need to provide correct value and optional comments or attachments. Users can review the inquiries under inquiry tab.

F Admin configure Copy 27.jpg


Measure Success

Released in July, 2017

- The EOU (Ease of Use) rating was 5.98 out of 7 while 5.25 is the passing score.

- Sales Ops call has been reduced by 15-25%.


Related Projects

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The goal of this project is to provide sales people compensation and performance information so that they can make sure that their compensation is accurate and adjust sales strategy to get paid more.

Take Aways

- Contextual inquiry can help define user needs. Having all stakeholders, including product managers and engineers, listen to the user sessions together can help step into the shoes of users and reach an agreement.

- Design thinking sessions can foster discussion and help discover new ideas. Stakeholders will be on the same page and collaborate more effectively. Being involved in design sessions motivates the engineers to bring the design to life. 

- Dirty and fast prototypes can help get user feedback. Design refinement should be based on user feedback and needs to be tested and validated.


In the near future, we will design the inquiry sent experience in native mobile application.