Record, Find and Share | 04/2016 - 05/2016

Longboard is an application that help longboard lovers to track their boarding data including top speed and previous routes, find a good route and share activities with friends.     

PARTNER: Cheryl Wang

TARGET USERS: Longboarder

AWARD: ADAA 2016 Semifinalist




We conducted a series of user interviews with longboarders and focus group with UW longboarding club members. We also did survey to define user needs.


 Point of View

  • As a long boarding lover, I want to track my session information and challenge my top speed in a simple and seamless way and get the exact data.
  • As a city explorer, I would like to find suitable routes with good slope, gravel quality, etc.) without taking the risk that I may get to such a bad route that I even have to carry my board on hand.
  • As a social bird, I want to share my data and routes with friends and have friends play together.


We did brainstorming and made affinity diagram. We invited long boarders with us in the design thinking sessions.  

Get Feedback

Since time is limited, we do not have time to do traditional usability test. We created paper prototype and walk through the interfaces with longboarders and gather feedback. For example, they want to start to track sessions immediately after they open the app. They care about their top speed and distance the most.  Based on their feedback, we refined our design.

Final Design

For the hi-fi mockups, we divided up the works. To make the interfaces consistent, we set up the color template and chose some interface reference together. We met everyday to discuss about the progress and reach out to agreement. 



We made a presentation to UW longboarding club and they love the design very much. "I wish it can come true. When will it be in app store? I want to buy it!"


  • User research is pretty important especially when domain knowledge is required to design a product. What data do they think are the best important? What scenarios are they in when they start longboarding? What will make routes suitable for longboarding? Designers need to get answers from users.
  • When working with another design, communication is the most important. We need to reach out to agreement for each user flow and interface, as well as make sure the visual design is consistent. So we found some inspirations and decided the color palette together. We divided up work when drawing hi-fi mockups but stick to the color palette. We checked each other's work every day to make sure we are on the same page. 
  • Even though time is limited, designers can not skip the getting user feedback step. Dirty and fast mockups is not the best for usability test, but they do help get user feedback and validate the design.


We need to do usability tests to verify the design. We hope we can develop this product and can get feedback from the app reviews.