Mobile Application


Time: February 2018 - March 2018

Team: 1 Designer (me), 1 Product Manager, Engineers

Skill: User Research, UX/UI Design, Prototyping

Deliverables: Interactive prototype, High Fidelity Mocks, Specifications, Presentation



Sales Portal Mobile Application

The goal of this project is to develop a native mobile application for our Commissions sales portal product. Many sales people are always out of office to meet customers or deal with transactions, our customers request a native mobile application for a long time.  


Background Story

A customer required a mobile application to buy our products. I am the designer for that application. The customer was satisfied with the mobile application and signed contract with us. Our CEO was impressed by the mobile application and other customers showed interests. So last year we decided to develop a native mobile application. 

Since the marketing team needed us to provide a native mobile application by the end of last year while the engineers did not have enough time to do it. We divided the project into 2 parts. The short term goal is to embed an in app browser in the mobile app and then we design it to let users feel this is a native mobile application. With this method, we were able to release a mobile app by the end of last year to meet the marketing team's need. Now we are working on the mobile application.



  1. View Widgets (Compensation and Performance Information)
  2. View Recent Orders and Transactions
  3. Send an inquiry if there is anything wrong with an order/transaction

Challenge 1

How to layout widget cards

I provided different proposals and discussed with stakeholders to narrow down and decide on a design direction.

reports analysis copy.jpg

Users can select their positions and view relevant dashboards. Users can get an overall information and click a card to view detailed information. They can swipe the cards and feel free to go back to dashboard. 

Screen Shot 2018-04-06 at 12.24.41 AM.png


How to layout orders and transactions

There are two variations based on different customers. Users need to input order ID to login. System can detect whether this company can get customer data and know which variation to provide to the user. 


Whether the customer names can be got?  Yes

Users recognize an order by knowing the customer and the value.

Example: Enterprise software company, e.g. CallidusCloud, Salesforce.




Whether the customer names can be got?  No

Users recognize an order by knowing the opportunity ID, products and the value.

Example: Zara, AT&T



How to send an inquiry

There are three kinds of inquiries: incorrect transaction information, missing order and missing transaction. 

michael kors version1 flow.png


- Be creative to make things happen and balance the business objectives and user needs when there is limitation of resource or time.

- Different proposals can help foster discussion and make a better design decision. 

- Need to think about the consistency, use cases to cover and iOS guidelines when designing a mobile application.