Hello, I am Junying Chang

Product designer & User Experience Designer

I am a designer, a problem solver, and a story teller. To design is to tell a story about how to help people. I believe that UX is not UX without research since only by doing research, can we understand and satisfy the users' needs. In my design process, I  start from research. I would like to involve stakeholders, including product managers and engineers, in the design process so that we can make decisions together and provide better support when implementing the design. Design is an iterative process. Usability tests are always the best way to validate ideas and gather user feedback for further development. 

My Journey

I was born in China and my father is an architectural designer. I was influenced by my father in becoming interested in design. I studied architectural design since 2007 and came to the US to further my study in 2012. When studying architectural design, I learned design process. We need to do site analysis and relevant research to inspire concepts and develop ideas. We need to craft 3D prototypes and track how people feel when walking around. While studying in University of Michigan, I started to take an HCI class. I found that UX design processes are pretty similar with architectural design processes. But with the power of technology, UX design can have a bigger impact. So in 2014, I decided to turn from architectural design to UX design. In University of Washington, I got my HCI master degree. My capstone project CareCam, a behavioral data analysis device for parents of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), got support from Microsoft Research and was presented at the UXPA conference. This project got appreciation from target users and I received many follow up emails since it can really help people. I am proud since I believe the goal of design is to help people and this is also the reason why I changed my design concentration. In 2015, I started to work for CallidusCloud, the number one sales performance management software company, and crafted end to end products there. Now I am looking for new opportunities and challenges. 

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My Design Process

I believe in that UX is not UX without user research. So I always start with research to learn about users. Then based on research analysis, I form the point of view and start ideation process. I make prototypes to show the solutions and do usability tests to gather feedback. Design is an iterative process. 



My Life

Life is an adventure. I enjoy exploring the world and experiencing different cultures. 

You can either travel or learn, but either your body or soul must be on the way.